Who is Bonitour

Normally, when people travel to places other than the ones they usually go to, they get some kind of dazzlement.

- Dazzlement: Singular moment that unexpectedly touch in a deep level that change you in a better way.

When we, Bonitour, were founded, we wanted the whole world to be able to feel that kind of feeling.

At that time, Bonito already had tourism agencies that took care of attraction entries. But the city already recognized the need of structuring tourism to maintain nature preservation. The only thing that was missing to make this destination successful and to be noticed among many tourism agencies was to promote the destination differently.

When we think which would be our mission as a tourism agency, the clearest idea for us was to be excellent at customer services. But where does the difference begin? At effort or at vocation?

We did not want to sell more. We wanted to provide our customers with an unforgettable travel experience, just as our own.

In that moment we figure out that the difference we wanted was divided in three points: our corporate responsibility, technology, and above all, our customers.

- Present and future

Tourists are supported by large portals to book their tickets and lodging in a few clicks, but the greatest difficulty as a traveler is arranging the trip itinerary.

Travel costs more than money, it costs time.

It was then when we saw what role our service would play, to make people's dreams a reality, to surprise them with so many natural beauties and to give them experiences they had never imagined before.

Providing original experiences is what makes our effort worthwhile.

How do we make Bonitour one of the leading travel agencies in Bonito?

Technology and environment connected

Through technology, operational intelligence and guidance, over the years we have developed Roteiro Fácil, a dedicated reservation system, where the tourist chooses the date and the tours, leaving the tool to organize everything for him, according to the schedules, availability of vacancies and the distance between attractions, setting the ideal itinerary.

The traveler can enjoy more everyday, having a guidance that optimizes his/her time with the activities in each destination.

Our essence is the people

We have been growing and currently the Bonitour Group has the Bonitour Agency Travel and Tourism, the Pousada Gira Sol, located in Bonito-MS and corporate participation in the attraction Eco Park Porto da Ilha, which cover three pillars for a solid expertise.

We are more than 50 people, working together in a horizontal system, where each idea is valued, the exchange of knowledge is frequent and each one of us has the autonomy to direct his role in what he really believes will be the best.

Sales + Marketing + TI = SmarkeTIng

In every place where our brand is, there is also a little of the values ​​and motivation of each employee. Joining people to knowledge for us is to generate skills and foster collective growth.

Sales, marketing and development teams work together to foster ecotourism by bringing up ideas together in order to innovate.

It's more than growing, it's changing the course.

In a trajectory that has already passed 25 years, conquest is daily, and it is only possible because we seek to understand the particular characteristics of each traveler, the attraction and the operators. The tourism cycle needs to be in tune for ecotourism practices to make sense.

Who are we really? A little piece of every collaborator who has been with us, dreams and inspirations.

We love what we do!

Purpose is what strengthens us every day and sustainability is our code of conduct. Everything we produce, the way we act, every detail can make a difference to nature and to others.

And the more we get involved with the environment, the more we walk through the woods and swim in the crystal clear waters, the more we connect with that essence.

It's not about how fast we'll get to our dreams, it's not about what's waiting for us when we get there, but it's about how we get there.

We believe that we are making a difference, sharing experiences and being part of the most striking moments in people's lives.

When we allow ourselves to change the route, new opportunities arise.

We are building a new way of traveling, a new way of uniting technology with nature.

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Roteiro Fácil

Choose the date, inform the travellers and include the tours.

We organize the route for you to enjoy more.

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