Terms of service

Dear Visitor,
Tourism agencies, act as central reservations and sales points of tourist attractions.

For a calm trip without any setbacks, please read the following guidelines carefully:

Payment policy

-The payment requested by the tourism agency is a requirement to guarantee the vacancies.
- The realization of the reserves will only be confirmed after processing the payment, being the buyer to make sure that the same was received by the agency.
-The due dates must be respected as the reservations will be automatically canceled if payment is not made.
-Payments after the due date will not be accepted, and the amount will be refunded to the customer.

Check-in and scheduling policy

-Upon arrival at the destination, the client must follow the contracted schedule, in some cases it will be necessary to check in at the local receptive.
-To release the services contracted the script must be with the total amount paid.
-BONITOUR reserves the right to change the order of the schedule of the tours, both at times and in the dates, provided that it can be inserted within the period of stay of the visitor in the destination.
-The schedule of the itinerary is based on the availability of vacancies in the attractions and the optimization of the transport, therefore any changes will be subject to the agreement of the agency.

Cancellation policy

We stress this issue because on rainy days, cold or other adverse weather conditions, with attractive running, the reserve can only be canceled with the consent of the same.

Below are some specific observations:
- For cancellation of Reservation the client must expressly request the following e-mail: reservas@bonitour.com.br, the administrative fee of 3.5% of the total value of the purchase will be deducted.
- For cancellations less than 30 days prior to the check-in, a fine of up to 30% of the total purchase value will be charged to cover operating costs.
- The no-shows at the scheduled time will be considered "no-show" and charged the full amount of the asset. For the region of Bonito (MS) the attractive Rio da Prata, Abismo Anhumas and Gruta do Lago Azul do not accept cancellation. For other attractions, the cancellation will be done through consultation.
- The cancellation of the tour due to climatic factors, does not imply dates of relocation (in high season times the probability of vacancies is remote), so that the agency will refund the amount paid by the customer.
- The shuttle service is not bound to appeal. If there is cancellation of the tour when the customer is already in place, the displacement will be charged.
- Operator customers: in case of cancellation of tours for climatic reasons, the value of it will be repaid by the operator who made the sale of the package.

Our cancellation policy follows parameters of the Consumer Protection Code, this way the client has full right to regret the purchase within a period of 7 days (provided that no sale counter) and is fully refunded the amount paid.

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