Few places in Brazil have the charm of the Serra Gaúcha. For many, the place is a piece of Europe in Brazil, mainly due to the German and Italian influence in the last century. Have you thought about visiting the place? Check out everything about Serra Gaúcha in this free guide and share the material on your social networks!

Discover the cities of Serra Gaúcha

When you hear about the Serra Gaúcha, soon some of the best known cities come to mind. But Gramado, Canela, Bento Gonçalves and Caxias do Sul are just a few of them and the South region still has several others in which tourism is not as explored. Know what they are!


✔ Antônio Prado;

✔ Nova Alvorada;

✔ Barão;

✔ Nova Araçá;

✔ Bento Gonçalves;

✔ Nova Bassano;

✔ Canela;

✔ Nova Pádua;

✔ Carlos Barbosa;

✔ Nova Prata;

✔ Caxias do Sul;

✔ Nova Roma do Sul;

✔ Coronel Pilar;

✔ Protásio Alves;

✔ Cotiporã;

✔ Santa Tereza;

✔ Farroupilha;

✔ Santo Antônio do Palma;

✔ Flores de Cunha;

✔ São Marcos;

✔ Garibaldi;

✔ Serafina Corrêa;

✔ Gramado;

✔ Veranópolis;

✔ Guaporé;

✔ Vila Flores;

✔ Monte Belo do Sul;

✔ Vista Alegre da Prata;


Now that you know what they all are, let's talk a little more about each of the cities most sought after by tourists going to the South. See more information about: Gramado, Canela, Bento Gonçalves and Caxias do Sul.


The most sought after and best known city of Serra Gaúcha, Gramado / RS is a reference for tourism in Rio Grande do Sul. The charming city, currently, is one of the main ecotourism spots in Brazil and has several tourist attractions. The flowery streets of hydrangeas are characteristic of the region. Pine and eucalyptus trees also complete the landscape.

Its architecture is unique in the country. With the influence of European colonization , by the Germans and Italians, when you arrive in the city, you will find several similarities with Europe. Both local buildings, squares, parks and even gastronomy are inspired by the old continent.

Currently, the city's main source of income comes from tourism. Ironically, the hottest moving season occurs during winter. The cold in the Serra region makes the city streets even more charming and attracts tourists from all over Brazil who love to enjoy the cold.

But of course, the cold is not the only attraction in the whole region. The city of Gramado has several attractions to please all audiences. On Rua Coberta, one of the main streets in the small town, there are several shops, Café Colonial houses and the traditional artisanal chocolate produced in the Serra.

For those looking for places to travel in winter , Gramado is the best option. However, when we are not in this season, the city attracts the public for other reasons, such as the International Film Festival and Natal Luz.


In addition to them, which are some of the most popular events in the region and that occur at different times of the year, other attractions in the city stand out. The most famous tourist spots are: Lago Negro, Av. Borges de Medeiros and Rua Torta.

Staying in Gramado will not be a problem. As the city lives on tourism, throughout the year visitors will find quality hotels and inns. To eat, there are several restaurants with typical foods for you to taste a little more of the local traditions.


Close to Gramado and a little less popular, Canela is another city in the Serra Gaúcha sought by tourists throughout the year - and not only in the cold season. The place has become an option for those who want to know all the charm of the region, but prefer to opt for quieter places.

For those who wonder about what to do in Canela , the enchantment begins even before arriving in the city, with beautiful landscapes. As in the neighboring area, tourists will find several houses with traditional chocolate, colonial cafés and small shops with a variety of products and souvenirs.

With less luxury options compared to Gramado, it is easy to stay in the city in high or low season. The cuisine surprises you and the attractions are diverse. The main attraction of Canela is the Parque Estadual do Caracol, one of the most visited places in the South and which we will talk more about next.

Canela Rio Grande do Sul

Bento Gonçalves

A world reference in wine production, the city of Bento Gonçalves is even less popular than Gramado and Canela, but has a strong presence of tourism in the economy. Wineries receive visitors from all over Brazil and even from other countries to visit the factories and make tastings.

If your favorite type of tourism is ecotourism, Bento Gonçalves will enchant you for the beauty of its landscapes, formed by vineyards and fields. The different shades of green, without a doubt, are one of the most beautiful local attractions.

For anyone who is a wine fan, a visit to one of the several wineries is almost mandatory, especially if Bento Gonçalves is on your itinerary. To help you, we will list five of the most sought after in Vale dos Vinhedos and worth visiting, tasting and being enchanted.

Vale dos Vinhedos


Producer of wines and sparkling wines, the winery created by brothers brings the whole family tradition with the utmost care, from the vines to the bottles. The place is open for visitation and tasting, just pay attention to the times that are different on weekdays, Saturday and Sunday.

Casa Valduga

If your passion is for sparkling wines, the indication is to visit Casa Valduga, one of the most traditional in Vale dos Vinhedos. Red and white wines are also produced on site, as well as the Maria Valduga restaurant. The wine tasting is open every day of the week, including holidays.

Dom Cândido

If you prefer fine wines with a traditional Italian flavor, getting to know Dom Cândido is a unique experience. On site, you can also take a tour of the grape plantations and better understand how the production of some of the best wines in the country works.

Lídio Carraro

For wine lovers, a visit with a tasting at Lídio Carraro will guarantee a unique experience. As they say, the entire production process is done with a minimum of interference. As they are close to each other, it is worth taking a trip to this winery and trying it out.


One of the most famous wineries in Vale dos Vinhedos, the tasting at Miolo is also worthwhile. With a beautiful interior and excellent wines, visit and taste the options produced on site and be amazed by the flavor.

Why do these cities seem to be part of Europe?

Brazil was colonized by the Europeans, Portugal being largely responsible for much of the territory. However, some regions have been strongly influenced by immigrants from other countries, such as the Dutch in Pernambuco.

In the South, Italian, German, Polish and Austrian immigrants were extremely influential and left legacies that can be observed to this day. Whether in architecture, cultural events and even festivals, it is as if a piece of the old continent was present in several cities in the region.

Much of this European similarity is what takes thousands of tourists to Serra Gaúcha all year round. The region has become one of the most influential tourist hubs in the country and serves for many people to miss the homesickness of Europe or have a preview of what it is like to be in the countries of the old continent. 

Igreja de Pedra Gramado

Typical gastronomy of the region

Just as the architecture and some other cultural aspects are of European influence, the rich cuisine of the region brings much of what is served in some European countries. If you are planning to visit the Serra Gaúcha, get to know a little more about the local gastronomy and taste them all!


    Artisanal chocolate

    There is no way to visit Gramado or even other cities in the Serra Gaúcha and not taste the chocolates from Gramado and region produced in local factories. With options for all tastes, the main difficulty for tourists will be to stop tasting all the options available, including the fondue in Gramado .


    The "passarinhada" for the Italians became the chicken here in Brazilian lands. The dish is another typical option that you will find in several cities in the region. Juicy and well seasoned, the dish is different from traditional bakery chicken in that it is smaller and not stuffed, which is common in roasted chicken. Undoubtedly, trying it out will provide an unforgettable experience during your stay in Serra Gaúcha.


    Also with a strong Italian influence, of course, the pasta is part of the typical cuisine of the South region. If you are planning the itinerary, do a brief research on the various options available in the city where you are staying and choose your favorite type of pasta.

    Gaucho barbecue

    Of course, the traditional gaucho barbecue would be on the list. Strong throughout the South, the tasty cuts of meat made by measure make your mouth water just to imagine. Don't come back from your trip without even sampling dinner at one of the many steakhouses.


    Ideal for a late afternoon in a circle with friends, nothing more tasty than a mate, agree? A typical drink from the South region and from some neighboring countries, such as Argentina and Uruguay, mate is prepared with a bowl, a pump, ground yerba mate and water at approximately 70 degrees.


    With a strong German influence, craft beers sold in Serra Gaúcha are unique throughout the country. For a good connoisseur of the most consumed drink in Brazil, tasting a few glasses while in the South is a great option!


    As we already said in this guide when we quote Vale dos Vinhedos in Bento Gonçalves, wine production in Serra Gaúcha has placed the country as one of the main references on the subject worldwide. Plan to at least taste some good wines during your trip!

    Colonial coffee

    Like traditional homemade chocolates, colonial coffee are present in some of the main cities in the Serra Gaúcha. In Gramado, you will find the largest number of options and some of the best known. Put the visit in one of these establishments in your itinerary!

    How does Gramado stand out in tourism?

    Among all the cities in the Serra Gaúcha, do you have any idea of ​​the reasons that led Gramado to stand out in tourism in relation to others? Undoubtedly, for a long time, the city was prepared for this.

    In 2018, the acting mayor of Gramado, José Alfredo Bertolucci, said in an interview that during the days of the city's main event, Natal Luz, the city of 35 thousand inhabitants reaches 49 thousand visitors. The figures show that 86% of the local economy is generated through tourism.

    With the total dependence on the arrival of visitors, the city prepares itself throughout the year to not only be a seasonal destination, as it used to be during the winter. There are hundreds of events every month to encourage the search for Gramado as a destination.

    With millions of tourists throughout the year, the destination has become the most sought after for those traveling to the south of the country. See some of the most important events that you can enjoy during your stay in Serra Gaúcha!

    Natal Luz de Gramado

    It is in Gramado that Natal Luz takes place annually, one of the most important events on the local calendar. Along with all the decoration on the streets, between the months of October and January, several presentations, shows and attractions bring to the city all the special magic of Christmas.

    During the event, every day tourists can watch and experience shows from an enchanted place. In 2020, the event reached its 34th edition and had 2.3 million visitors in Gramado to watch the presentations.

    For those who do not like turmoil, our tip is to plan to visit Natal Luz in Gramado in October, just when it starts, since the period is not yet high season. In December, the number of attractions increases, due to the greater number of tourists, but the streets are even more beautiful.

    Natal Luz Gramado

    Film Festival in Gramado

    For anyone who is passionate about the seventh art, the Gramado Film Festival is an indispensable annual event. With 46th editions since 1973, the festival can follow all phases of national cinema in the last 40 years. In 2020, the 47th edition will take place in August.

    In these four decades of history, several important names of national cinema have passed through the festival in Gramado. José Wilker, Fernanda Torres, Marieta Severo, Sônia Braga and Hugo Carvana are some Brazilian winners.

    Just like the national cinema itself, in this period the way the festival takes place has undergone several reformulations to update itself. The last profound change took place in 2012, when it became more democratic and cinema entities started to have more presence.

    Farroupilha Week

    Unlike the two previously mentioned, which take place annually in Gramado, Semana Farroupilha is celebrated in all cities in Rio Grande do Sul. Always held in September, for seven days, various gaúcho traditions are celebrated.

    The festivities are held in honor of the leaders of the Farroupilha Revolution, the longest in the country and by the strength of the people. Also known as Guerra dos Farrapos, there was a struggle for freedom and equality against the imperial government of Brazil between 1835 and 1845.

    How to get to Serra Gaúcha

    As we already said, the mountain region has many cities and the travel to each one of them can be different depending on where you come from. We will show you how to get to Gramado , the most famous destination in the region, departing from the state capital, Porto Alegre. See all about!


    Currently, the only city in the Serra Gaúcha that has an airport is Caxias do Sul. However, the number of flights is smaller and it ends up being cheaper for tourists to disembark in the state capital, Porto Alegre, and continue to the final destination for others. means of transport.

    The distance between Porto Alegre and Gramado, for example, lasts about two hours. After disembarking at Salgado Filho Airport, there are several options available to reach Serra Gaúcha: rental car, travel apps, bus or transfer. Check out more about each one and choose the best one for you!


    Choosing a bus may be the best option in terms of cost-benefit if you decide to take a trip alone or even as a couple. Tickets can be purchased on the spot or on the internet and buses leave from inside the capital's own airport. 

    The main transport company that transports this route daily is Citral. With schedules throughout the day, just consult and choose one that is in according with your arrival. The values ​​(in the first half of 2020) start at R$ 56.25 and the company has direct or semi-direct lines.

    Gramado Municipal Bus Station is located in the city center. In addition to transfers from the state capital, buses arrive every day from other cities and states such as Caxias do Sul, Santa Catarina, Curitiba and São Paulo.


    The drive will vary greatly from your starting point. As we are showing the route from Porto Alegre, we will highlight the best route options. So, if you choose to rent a car when arrive at the airport, just decide what will be the route and hit the road!

    If you were planning to rent a car, but only in Serra Gaúcha, our tip is to look for an option in Porto Alegre. In addition to saving with the transfer to the final destination, in the capital there are several companies that offer this service and, consequently, opens a range of options and lower prices.

    However, choosing a company that offers the service in Porto Alegre and Serra Gaúcha, can help if you have any problems with the vehicle. So, instead of going back to the state capital, just go to the nearest company store.

    Now, on the routes, there are three routes for those who will leave the capital towards Gramado. Regardless of the option chosen, it will not take you two hours to reach Serra Gaúcha. Find out more about them:

    1.º option: by Novo Hamburgo - 114 km (1h e 55min) 

    The most chosen route by tourists who go to Gramado is also known as the “romantic route”, due to the unique landscapes along their way. After leaving the airport, take the BR-116 towards Novo Hamburgo. Until you get there, you will pass through some other cities like Canoas and São Leopoldo.

    After that first part of the route, the buildings on both sides of the track give way to the unique scenery, of a lot of nature. Following the same track, you will pass through some small towns, which were colonized by the Germans and still maintain many characteristics of the Bavarian country today: Dois Irmãos and Morro Reuter.

    After passing through these towns, apps like Waze and Google Maps will suggest a shorter route, which is on the RS-373 road towards Santa Maria do Herval. However, despite being smaller, the stretch is a dirt road and does not pay off. Once you pass Morro Reuter, take the BR-116 towards Nova Petrópolis.

    When you get to the city, head towards Gramado on the RS-235 for a further 34 km. Altogether, the route is 114 km long and, without traffic or stops on the way for photos - which ends up being very common -, it takes about 1h55min to be done.

    2.º option: by Novo Hamburgo + Taquara - 116 km (1h42min)

    On this route, the fastest of the three, you will follow the same route on the BR-116 to Novo Hamburgo. After passing there, follow the RS-239, passing through Sapiranga towards Taquara. Then take the RS-115 towards Gramado. On the way, some cities like Igrejinha and Três Coroas are worth the stop.

    The first, Igrejinha, is known for its outlets. Três Coroas has one of the most incredible Buddhist temples in the country. Despite little bigger, the route has a duplicated track in most of the way and is much less winding than the first option, which makes the time on the route shorter: about 1 hour and 42 minutes without any stop.

    3.º option: by Gravataí + Taquara - 115 km (1h46min)

    Slightly less used by tourists who go to Serra Gaúcha, the third option is practically the same distance from the other two options, but it does not, at any time, pass through the BR-116 or the city of Novo Hamburgo.

    Once you leave Salgado Filho Airport, take BR-290 on the Osvaldo Aranha Highway towards Gravataí. Then take the RS-020 towards Taquara, passing through cities like Morungava and Fazenda Fialho.

    After arriving in Taquara, you will follow the same route as the previous option, taking the RS-115 towards Gramado and passing through the cities of Igrejinha and Três Coroas. The 115 km journey takes about 1 hour and 46 minutes to be done by car.


    For those who choose to take a taxi on the route from Porto Alegre to Gramado, at the Salgado Filho Airport you can find a company that makes the trips. For this option, a trip price is closed and, in a car for five people, for example, the value can be divided among the four passengers.

    The trips are made by Cootaero, a Taxi Cooperative that serves the airport in the state capital. The service is open 24 hours a day and tourists can pay directly to the taxi driver or use the card at the local counter.

    Travel apps

    There are some travel services, in addition to the taxi, that take the same route. Uber, one of the most used travel apps in Brazil, can be an option for those leaving Porto Alegre with Serra Gaúcha as their final destination.

    As the service prices are dynamic and change depending on the time, number of requests and available drivers, it is not possible to state an exact value of how much the trip would be. What we can do is a simulation.

    In an estimate made in March 2020, in the cheapest option, UberX, the value was R$ 185.62. In the intermediate, Comfort, the trip cost R$ 200.72 and in Black, the most expensive, R$ 358.44. As up to four passengers can fit, the value can be divided among all and the value is much more affordable.

    Another travel app option is Blablacar, a free ride service. In it, you put the meeting place and the final destination, the time, there are some options of drivers that will take the same route and can give you a ride. In a simulation carried out in March 2020, the average value was R$ 25.


    Option for those who are in a large group of people, to the point of not fitting in a car, the transfer may be the solution. With space for up to more than 10 people, several companies make one of the most popular routes: Porto Alegre Airport / Accommodation in Gramado / Airport in Porto Alegre.

    To choose a trustworthy agency, on the Gramado Tourism Office website they provide the names of all those who transfer this route. The biggest advantages of this option are: already hiring a return service, comfort and disembarking exactly where you need it (the place of accommodation and the airport).

    Serra Gaúcha temperature throughout the year

    As it is known for its low temperatures, many people believe that in Serra Gaúcha it is cold every day of the year. To end this myth, let's talk about the region's climate in the four seasons: autumn, winter, spring and summer.


    Autumn begins in late March and ends in late June. During these months, the cities of Serra Gaúcha become more empty, which makes it a period of low season. If you dream of getting to know Gramado and Canela, the most visited, this is a good time to find good prices and tranquility.

    The temperatures during these months alternate as follows: maximum of 22°C to 25°C and the minimum: 11°C to 15°C. In the last month of autumn, June, demand increases for two reasons: the beginning of the school holiday period and the arrival of the next season, the desired winter.

    As this transition period to the colder season, winter looks should be present in the suitcase, as they will be used mainly in the morning and afternoon. Strolling through the cities, it will be common to notice many leaves in the streets, which will make the landscapes of the Serra Gaúcha even more beautiful.  


    More than just a season, winter is one of the main attractions of the Serra Gaúcha. Cold lovers seek to visit the city during this period to face low temperatures, visit some unique walks, enjoy the local climate and, if they are lucky, get to know the snow without having to leave the country.

    Unlike what happens in almost all other tourist regions of the country, which need the sun to attract tourists, thousands of people go to cities in the mountainous region during the winter. So be prepared to find crowded cities and more expensive trade prices than in other low season periods.

    In Brazil, winter begins in late June and ends in late September. For those who dream of getting to know the snowflakes, the last week of June, which opens the season, is the best place to visit. The average temperatures throughout the period are: maximum of 17°C and minimum of 8°C, reaching 0°C or even negative.

    Inverno em Gramado


    In September, the month that opens the spring, it is still very cold in the cities of Serra Gaúcha. Temperatures only rise again in October, when the average high is around 22ºC and the minimum 12ºC throughout the season. In these months, the local vegetation blossoms again and makes the landscapes even more charming.

    During October, the program for one of the main events in the region, held in Gramado, Natal Luz, begins. With ornaments, Christmas lights and shows every day, the month is ideal for those who want to know the attraction without finding the city full, already which is considered a mid-season period.

    At the end of November and during the month of December, the cities start to get full again, making it a period of high season. Although the temperature in Serra Gaúcha starts to rise, it is always important to keep cold clothes in the suitcase, as the trip will be to a mountainous region.


    For those who think that everything is cold and low temperatures, summer also reaches Serra Gaúcha with heat - but nothing close to the climate in the capital, Porto Alegre. At this time of the year, the maximum temperatures are 25º C to 30º C, while the minimum temperatures are between 16º C and 18º C.

    As much as the sun appears during the day, as it is a mountainous region with a lot of vegetation, it is important to take some cold looks, or at least some cardigan for walks in the afternoon. As is common in the summer in several regions of the country, some showers of rain can appear.

    In order to avoid the risk of rain preventing to do the tours in your scheduled, it is important to be aware of the weather forecast in Serra Gaúcha . Some regional apps can assist you with real-time information.

    The summer months in the Serra Gaúcha, which begins in late December and runs until the end of March, are considered high season because they are the school vacation period. In Gramado, tourists will still be able to see the shows of Natal Luz, the city's main event.

    Main tours of the Serra Gaúcha

    Throughout this comprehensive guide about the Serra Gaúcha we have already mentioned some popular tours in the cities of the region, but there are still many incredible ones. So that you can plan your trip and be able to fit as many attractions into your itinerary, get to know a little more about several of them !

    Adventure tours

    If you are the type of traveler who loves adventure, know that some of the best tours in the Serra Gaúcha will impress you from beginning to end. Do you want to know a little more about each one of them? Check out our tips and plan to visit as much as you can! 

    Raft Adventure Park

    Located in Três Coroas, one of the several cities in the Serra Gaúcha, the Raft Adventure Park has some pure adventure attractions for all tourists, such as rafting and zip lines, two of the best options.

    In rafting , there is a 7 km course through the rapids of the Paranhana River aboard an inflatable boat. During the descent, three activities are carried out to increase the adrenaline even more: water slide, surf with the boat and rock jump.

    The other attractive option, the zip line , will also bring a lot of adrenaline to adventurous travelers. At 1,200 meters high and a descent of 70 km / h, the emotion and the cold in the belly will be guaranteed as you slide through the mountainous woods.

    Rafting em Gramado


    One of the most sought after attractions, without a doubt, Snowland is the only snow park in Gramado and in Brazil . With 16 thousand square meters, it has several attractions and to get to know it, book at least an entire afternoon to get the most out of it.

    Some of the activities carried out are: ice skating, theatrical performances, skiing and snowboarding (optional), tubing and the opportunity to have a hot chocolate in the coldest area of ​​the park, the Snow Mountain, under temperatures up to - 5ºC (for this area, the park provides special clothes).

    Snowland Gramado

    Eco Parque Cia Aventura

    Just like Raft Adventure Park, at Eco Parque Cia Aventura you can choose different tours to do - or, of course, choose all. Located in Nova Roma do Sul, 114 km from Gramado, there are three incredible options to enjoy: ATV, rafting and zip lines.

    The quad bike tour is done in the park at a distance of 6 km. During the trip, tourists pass by a beautiful weir where everyone can stop to meet, contemplate and take several photos for the feed. In the final part, there is an off-road track to show all the skills on four wheels.

    On this tour, rafting takes place in Rio das Antas, on an 8.5 km course. During the descent, there are several obstacles on board inflatable boats that guarantee the maximum adrenaline and adventure for tourists.

    Parque Cia Aventura

    Finally, the zipline at Eco Parque Cia de Aventura is the third tour option. For those who love being in the air, get ready for a descent at a speed of over 50 km / h. For the adventure to be complete, visitors have three circuit options: 800 meters + 350 meters + 250 meters.

    Contemplation tours

    Those who are more than good and choose to travel to rest, the cities of Serra Gaúcha also have different contemplation tours. In them, you will be able to explore more about the region and relax in different ways. Check out!

    Tour Raízes Coloniais

    Held in the rural area of ​​Gramado, the Tour Raízes Coloniais tour is perfect for those who love to explore the history of the places they travel. In it, visitors will get to know a little more about the region and learn about the stories of the first families that arrived and started to popular Serra Gaúcha.

    Parque Terra Mágica Florybal

    Parque Terra Mágica Florybal, located in Canela, is one of the tour options in the small town of Serra Gaúcha. In it, you can enjoy various attractions in thematic and magical settings outdoors.

    Some of the most sought after by visitors are: replicas of dinosaurs and other animals, 7D cinema, roller coaster simulator, medieval castle, mine, waterfall and mini chocolate factory, trail, zipline, theme restaurant, playground and much more.

    Parque Terra Mágica Florybal

    Bondinhos Aéreos Caracol

    Another ride in Canela, the Bondinhos Aéreos Caracol receives thousands of visitors during all seasons. On the tour, tourists will see, from the top, one of the most beautiful views of the Serra Gaúcha: the Caracol Waterfall, a natural symbol of the mountain town.

    How to put together a script for Serra Gaúcha?

    If you are starting to put together a travel itinerary for the Serra Gaúcha and are not sure how long to stay or what to do while you are in the cities of the region, we will help you to make the most of your stay.

    Many people who go once, want to return. Others, if they could, would go without a date to return and would even live in one of the small towns in the mountain region. For those who do not fit into any of these options, we will show you three different itinerary options for the Serra Gaúcha: two or four days.

    Roteiro em Gramado

    Two-day itinerary (weekend)

    Yes, it is little, but you can still enjoy the Serra Gaúcha on a two-day trip . Ideal for those who want to travel, but do not have a lot of free time or planned vacations, we will show you how to get to know one of the most beautiful destinations in Brazil on any weekend.

    For this, the ideal is to start planning the trip in advance to find accommodation, book tours and, mainly, get tickets (bus and / or plane) for times that allow you to make the most of the two days of the weekend. Check out!

    Ticket tips

    As time is short, it will be extremely important to get tickets for transportation at strategic times. For the plane trip, choose the first hours of the morning on Saturday to disembark, at the latest, in the early morning in Porto Alegre.

    From the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, as we show in this guide, there are different options to reach the cities of Serra Gaúcha. Taxi or travel apps may be the best alternatives, as they are faster and run 24 hours. If you choose to rent a car, you may need to wait for the rental companies to open. The buses, on the other hand, have certain times to make the journey.

    As these routes will be done during the night, it is essential to rest and sleep as much as possible. Be it a nap before boarding at the airport, on the plane or, if you are a passenger, on the way to Serra Gaúcha. Apart from those moments, rest from Saturday to Sunday and enjoy as much as you can.

    Which cities to visit?

    There are countless cities that you can visit by visiting the Serra Gaúcha, but you can stay for a second visit. As we have only two days of travel in this itinerary, we will focus on the two most popular: Gramado and Canela.

    1st day: Gramado

    Start the day with a hearty breakfast in one of the most traditional colonial cafés around the city. There, fill your stomach enough to get to know the various local attractions. If you are not driving, the locations are nearby and can be done on short walks throughout the day.

    We will use the Gramado Bus Station as a reference for the beginning of the itinerary, a place for many tourists to disembark. It is located on Avenida Borges de Medeiros, the main one in the city. On the same sidewalk, right next door, pay a visit to Casa do Colono and Praça das Etnias .

    If you still don't have a full belly, Casa do Colono has amazing breads, cheeses and sweets produced locally. You can taste them right there or take them to the square, sit on a stool and watch the surrounding houses produced in the Portuguese, Italian and German style.

    Moving on is R. Emílio Sorgetz, known as Rua Torta . In addition to some beautiful photos for the social media feed, the site concentrates some of the best hot chocolate spots in Gramado. After a short walk, time to continue with the script.

    Go back to Av. Borges de Medeiros and follow the opposite direction, go through the bus station again, and continue straight. In a small square you will see the statue of Kikito , a symbol of the city and the Film Festival, which takes place in Gramado annually. Pause for photos and go straight.

    A little further ahead is Lake Joaquina Rita Bier. During Natal Luz the place is the stage for some shows and, outside this season, it is excellent to relax on the grass for a few moments. Nearby, another attraction worth visiting: Mini Mundo , an outdoor park made up of miniatures from different parts of the world.

    Regardless of the time of year you go to Serra Gaúcha, it is worth visiting the only snow park in Brazil, Snowland in Gramado . Plan to visit it right after lunch and reserve a good part of the afternoon to make the most of the attraction. If you have time left, look for another nearby tour to visit.

    To end the first day of the trip, pause for dinner at some of the many restaurants in Gramado. Our tip is to look for the option that suits you best at Av. Borges de Medeiros, the place with the greatest variety in the city. Then, one last walk through the city and then rest for the next day.

    2nd day: Canela

    After a good night's sleep and rest, time to go to the second and last day of the trip to the Serra Gaúcha. After breakfast, very early, take the road towards Canela, our second stop.

    Very close, the distance between cities is just under 10 km and, by car, without traffic, the route can be done in up to 15 minutes. If you have not rented a vehicle, travel and bus applications are other options for the journey.

    After arriving in Canela, our first suggestion is a visit to Cascata do Caracol, the largest and most famous waterfall in the Serra Gaúcha. Located in Parque do Caracol , with 131 meters difference in level, the view is impressive and, if you want, you can amend the ride on the cable cars.

    After walking through nature, our tip for the next stop is in the center of Canela. Known as the Catedral de Pedra, the Igreja Matriz de Nossa Senhora de Lourdes is worth the visit due to its beauty and grandeur.

    If you are already hungry, the central region of the mountain town has some good options for lunch. The pasta always goes well and can be ordered for the day and, to close, a traditional colonial coffee from the region.

    Following with the script, if the return ticket to your city is only at night, book the afternoon to visit the Terra Mágica Florybal Park. The place has several incredible attractions and will make your experience in the Serra Gaúcha even more complete.

    Finally, if you have time, on the way back, stop by to buy the traditional chocolates in Gramado - whether for yourself or souvenirs - and head towards the capital of Rio Grande do Sul. Arrive with enough time for boarding and then just organize the photos to post the incredible trip in the feed.

    Four-day itinerary (extended holiday)

    If you are spending more days in Serra Gaúcha, adapt your itinerary to further explore the main cities, Gramado and Canela. As already mentioned, the variety of tours and attractions offers several options for different traveler profiles.

    Another tip is to visit other nearby cities. In them, because they are less populated and tourism is not so strong, many features of European architecture, gastronomy and culture are maintained in a greater proportion.

    Our main tip is the Maria Fumaça Train ride, one of the best known attractions of the Serra Gaúcha. With 23 km in length, the route that refers to a trip to the past passes through municipalities such as Bento Gonçalves, Garibaldi and Carlos Barbosa.

    During the seasons, which maintains the characteristics of the past, visitors on board will be in for a surprise. In Bento Gonçalves, for example, there is a wine and juice tasting, always accompanied, throughout the trip, by good music and unique landscapes.

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