Oh, Bonito… There are so many beauties, activities, tours, and emotions that we decided to put everything you need to know about the destination on one page! That is, this content is ideal for those considering packing for this wonderful destination, and want to stay on top of all the important information.

Here you will find descriptions of each aspect of the trip, for example: 

✔ how to get;
✔ transportation to the activity;
✔ all tours;
✔ lodging;
✔ gastronomy;
✔ when to go;
✔ how many days to stay; 
✔ what to do at night;
✔ what to pack in the suitcase;
✔ and much more!

The name Bonito Pretty is no wonder. It is closely linked to the beauties of fate. And it is no less. Bonito is a natural paradise in the middle of the state of Mato Grosso do Sul , which has gained fame for its activities related to ecotourism and also for the constant preservation of the fauna and flora of the region. That is why, despite being a city that lives on tourism, Bonito is one of the most conserved and preserved places in Brazil.

The region surprises its visitors with its beautiful landscapes, crystal clear rivers, freshwater spas, waterfalls, grotto, caves, and abysm. All this with a magical complement: its wealth of animal life, composed mainly of aquatic species such as fish and alligators, as well as the most varied types of birds.

Do you like adventure? In Bonito, you can go hiking, tree climbing, boat rides, float, tubing, stand-up paddle and go down the rivers in inflatable kayaking. Or quad biking, horseback riding or cycling. For those who enjoy more radical adventures, It is possible to practice rappelling, ziplines, snorkeling or diving in the rivers and lagoons of the region.

Most of these adventures take place on private properties, with the exception of the Gruta do Lago Azul and the Balneário Municipal , which are managed by Bonito City Hall. In addition, activities can reach up to 70 kilometers away from Bonito, and access is sometimes via dirt roads, which are in good condition and are well signposted. 

In the city, visitors can also gain a lot of knowledge about nature. This is because there are several educational tours that explore awareness about local animals and vegetation. 

How about indulging in regional dishes and taking home a little bit of regional culture?  In Bonito, visitors have it all! There are plenty of restaurants, bars and craft and gift shops scattered around the city.

There are several reasons to meet Bonito , isn't it ?! Venture into this amazing read and know all that awaits you!

Bonito: one of the best ecotourism destinations in Brazil

Bonito is a region famous for the beauty of its rivers with crystal waters, caves, and waterfalls. The fauna and flora of the place are admittedly attractive apart and encompass several species characteristics of the Cerrado and the Atlantic Forest. 

And all this treasure is extremely preserved. To get a sense of how Bonito keeps special care on nature, in 2013, the city was named the World's Best Responsible Tourism Destination , the World Responsible by the World Travel Market (WTM). This is one of the largest tourism events in Europe.

At the national level, Bonito has also been awarded a lot for promoting sustainable ecotourism. There are already 15 accumulated titles of Best Ecotourism Destination in Brazil, 12 of them consecutive, for adopting fundamental sustainability practices.

These awards were granted by readers vote and specialized jury in ecotourism, and published in the magazine Viagem & Turismo , by Editora Abril.

In Bonito, you can closely see sustainable practices such as:


🍀solid waste recycling; 

🍀production of organic gardens;

🍀an incentive to trade in local products;

🍀visitation and tours with minimal environmental impact;

🍀population restriction on sidewalks;


And most importantly: there is in most of the tour, an environmental safety management system. These are some of the criteria evaluated for the destination to have received the awards.


The issue of sustainability and safety standards are treated with great respect and responsibility in Bonito. Increasingly, the city's public management has focused on environmental preservation by adopting measures that involve all active participants in the region's tourism system.

An example of this is the voucher único , a system developed by the municipality of Bonito in conjunction with local entrepreneurs, to monitor cargo capacity and people. The project is a worldwide model, being one of those responsible for the organization of the attractions, together with the professionalization of people.

That is, in Bonito, you can have the peace of mind of enjoying nature without harming or causing damage to it. But of course, for this to happen, you must understand and follow the rules set for each tour and activity in the region.

Bonito Tours: nature, leisure, and fun waiting for you

Bonito's tours bring together great and real leisure opportunities in the midst of nature, and of course, a lot of fun. And if you like it, there's a lot of adrenaline too!

To know all the options of the tour, we divided the attractions of Bonito into categories. To be easier to choose, the one that most suit the profile of each traveler:

➡ grottoes;

➡ trails;

➡ waterfalls;

➡ snorkeling;

➡ and spas.


For those people who bump into any activity, it is valid to choose one tour from each category for a complete travel experience. Next, we will explore the main tours of Bonito . Get ready, because the tour will start!


The famous caves and grottoes, Trails and Waterfalls of Bonito

    Gruta do Lago Azul

    In Bonito, there are several caves and grottoes scattered around the city, four of which can be contemplated by tourists. And one of the main attractions of this category is the Gruta do Lago Azul , which, besides its imposing beauty, is known as one of the largest flooded cavities on the planet.  

    The Gruta do Lago Azul is also considered by many people to be the postcard of Bonito, as well as being one of the most sought after tours by tourists. So plan your visit to the tour well in advance, so you won’t risk missing out on this adventure. 

    Another reason to anticipate is that there is a maximum of 305 visitors per day. In addition, visitation takes place at predetermined times, always accompanied by tour guides.

    In the Gruta do Lago Azul, the guides who conduct the visitation tell the stories, curiosities and charms of the place. And one of these stops is to tell that, in 1978, the Grotto was listed by the Institute of National Historical and Artistic Heritage (Iphan) as a Natural Monument. 

    This initiative has ensured, over time, the preservation of the Cave, due to the strict control that is performed on access. This access is made in small groups of tourists with a space of 20 minutes.

    And how is the tour? It begins with a walk along the rocky trail to the entrance of the attraction.

    The walk continues down almost three hundred steps a slightly steep staircase until it reaches the crystal clear waters . A curiosity about the place is that this descent is equivalent to a building of 12 floors! At this point is important to highlight, to be careful on the way down, so there are no accidents during the journey.

    But you may be wondering: why the name Gruta do Lago Azul “ Blue Lake Cave ”? Simple, the water of the place has this shade, mainly because of the incidence of sunlight, which reflects the minerals contained in the bottom of the lake.

    And most amazingly, there are two rocks in the Grotto that reflect the letters L and A (Lago Azul) in the mirror of the water. It is an indication that the place has approved the given name.

    Gruta de São Mateus

    Another terrestrial cavity much sought after by tourists in Bonito is the Gruta de São Mateus. It is located 4 kilometers from the city of Bonito and offers its visitors an amazing contact experience with nature. 

    The tour through the Gruta de São Mateus begins with a suspended trail, five meters high and 15 meters long. Then the trail through the forest, about 280 meters to the entrance of the grotto, where starts the journey through the interior of the grotto.

    Descending the 60 steps of Gruta de São Mateus, visitors can admire geological formations characteristic of local caves such as stalactites, stalagmites, and coralloides. Are created when an acid reacts with limestone or rock containing 80% or more calcium carbonate. These formations are found on the walls, ceilings, and floors of caves.

    And before saying goodbye to the cave tour, visitors can also visit the Kadiwéu Museum , which brings together ancient collections, donated by native residents. 

    In the museum, visitors also find cars from the 1970s and other objects that tell the story of the residents of the city of Bonito. And going up to the second floor is a display of stuffed animals from the area.

    Abismo Anhumas

    The Abismo Anhumas is an abyss located 23 kilometers from Bonito and is considered one of the most amazing tours in Brazil . But you need to follow some rules before enjoying the place. One day before the tour, each tourist receives a very important training, where instructors demonstrate and teach how to use the necessary equipment to perform the activity. In addition, in the training, all safety procedures that must be adopted are presented.

    In the abyss of Anhumas , who likes rappelling will be able to practice the sport, in the descent of 72 meters. To get an idea of ​​the height, this distance is equivalent to a 26-story building!

    And upon reaching the deepest point of the Abismo Anhumas, visitors have a spectacular view of the geological formations that originate from the accumulation of water droplets and the lake with crystal clear water that wells up inside the activity.

    It is also possible to do a boat ride and float in the water of the Abyss, which remains at a temperature of approximately 18ºC. This is undoubtedly one of the most charming tours in Bonito.

    Boca da Onça

    Bonito's trails and waterfalls are other highlights of the destination. And the first highlight of this tour category is the set of Boca da Onça waterfalls , located 55 kilometers from the city. The 4-kilometer trail through the riparian forest begins with a trail that runs through 8 waterfalls and has 3 bathing stops. There is a fourth dive stop at the Salobra River, which receives the waters of the waterfalls.

    The highest waterfall in the set is Boca da Onça , which gives its name to the tour, with a height of 156 meters of the waterfall. This, too, is the highest waterfall in Mato Grosso do Sul . The structure of the tour also has a restaurant, two swimming pools with running water, a changing room and a kiosk on the trail path.

    Besides contemplating the tour, you can practice rappelling on the largest platform in Brazil! There are 90 meters of radical adventure, which has all the necessary safety and professional monitoring and a Safety Management System (SGS) so that the fun is always guaranteed!

    Waterfalls of Serra da Bodoquena

    The tour Cachoeiras da Serra da Bodoquena is 70 kilometers from Bonito, in the city of Bodoquena. As its name implies, there are several waterfalls that have natural pools , a total of eight stops for bathing. The attraction is on the same road of access to the Pantanal of Mato Grosso, with a preserved area of ​​almost 350 hectares.

    These waterfalls are close to the Serra da Bodoquena National Park and have a lush fauna and flora protected by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). During the trail through the waterfalls, it is also possible to observe the union of the Atlantic Forest and the Cerrado (Savannah) , an aspect that further enriches the landscape of the tour.

    It is also possible to take a boat trip along the Betione River , enjoy the ziplines, the kiosks and the sand volleyball court. To replenish the energy, there is a rest stop with a bathing area to cool off. The tour can be enjoyed the whole day, by people of all ages.

    The structure of this attraction is accessible to wheelchair users! In addition, on-site bathrooms, showers, parking, luggage storage, restaurant, changing room, and Wi-Fi are available.

    Ceita Corê

    Another amazing natural tour in Bonito is Ceita Corê (“Land of my children”), which reserves activities for the whole day. There are up to six bathing places, in addition to the famous zipline practice on the Chapena River .

    At Ceita Corê, visitors can also visit a flooded cave more than 158 meters deep and the source of the Chapeninha River , where it is possible to dive because the water of the place is extremely transparent. Best of all, while walking on the trail of the attractions of Ceita Corê, you can contemplate native animal, such as:


    📸  Caititu - Collared peccary; 

    📸  Queixadas - White-lipped peccary; 

    📸  Capybara; 

    📸  Monkeys;

    📸  Macaw; 

    📸  Toucan;

    📸  and Tamandua.


    In addition, it is possible to admire the characteristic vegetation of the place, such as aroeira, ipê, bálsamo, canafístula, castelo, angico, and peroba. Many of them are hardwoods that are increasingly scarce in nature. Another relevant point is that on days of heavy rain, the visitation may be canceled to keep all visitors safe.

    Parque das Cachoeiras

    The Waterfall Park encompasses seven amazing waterfalls!

    🔵 Cachoeira do Mulungu;

    🔵 Cachoeira da Gruta;

    🔵 Cachoeira do Sol;

    🔵 Cachoeira do Amor;

    🔵 Cachoeira do Sinhozinho;

    🔵 Cachoeira da Figueira;

    🔵 and Cachoeiras do Salto.


    All of these wonders include a variety of natural pools and hydromassage , which are ideal for bathing and cooling off. The waters are predominantly greenish color, a perfect view to get a snapshot.

    Especially in the Cachoeira da Gruta, it is possible to see large rock cavities, besides contemplating the natural flow of the river. 

    Cachoeira do Sol is named after the presence of the sun throughout the day, which offers a different crystalline tint to the waters. In addition, it is approximately four meters high, offering a radical touch for those who enjoy the view from the top of it.

    The Cachoeira do Amor is the highest of the trail, with a waterfall of 7 to 8 meters. She carries this name from the day a couple met on the sidewalk and got married right there at the foot of the waterfall. 

    And the Cachoeira da Figueira ? It has trees in its surroundings. And their fruits are a feast for the monkeys, birds, and fish that live in the area.

    Por fim, a Cachoeira do Salto é ideal para quem adora uma massagem! Ela possui pedras que se transformam em excelentes ferramentas para massagear o corpo, em meio à sua queda d’água..

    Trail of Parque Ecológico

    On the tour Parque Ecológico trilha , it is easy to feel back to childhood, a time of much fun and play. The attraction begins with a trail of two kilometers through the riparian forest until reaching the point of descent by the Rio Formoso, which represents a union of emotions such as well-being and adrenaline.

    Going down the Rio Formoso is quite fun, and the nature walk offers a chance to catch sight of different species of animals and colorful plants. In addition, it is possible to practice stand-up paddle, zip line, and paddle aboard kayaks. It really is a perfect ride to get around and enjoy! 

    Another positive point of this tour is that it is very close to the center of Bonito , ensuring easy access.

    Trails and waterfalls of Estância Mimosa

    Estância Mimosa's beautiful trails , waterfalls, and natural pools are 25 kilometers from Bonito. They are part of a look that spans the hills around the Mimoso River , representing an incredible ecological experience. And at the end of the activity, be sure to taste the delights of the region, prepared in the wood oven.

    The Estancia Mimosa waterfall tour is ideal for those looking for activities in Bonito at a great value. The attraction lasts four hours, leaving the reception and walking the trail that leads to the waterfalls.

    On the way back, you can have lunch at Estância Mimosa and taste the delicious regional dishes of Mato Grosso do Sul. In addition, the site offers a large structure with bathrooms, changing rooms, a hammock, and a restaurant. 

    The trail through Buraco das Araras

    The beautiful Buraco das Araras is located 54 kilometers from Bonito. The distance may seem great, but it's worth the effort. There, visitors wander the contemplative trail around the sinkhole, which represents one of the largest geological formations caused by the collapse of the upper part of a cave.

    In all, there are 970 meters of trail, and the route goes through two lookouts that can provide a beautiful view of the flight of the red macaws, which inhabit the place freely. To increase the possibility of seeing them, the idea is to enjoy the tour early in the morning or late afternoon. All visits are guided by a monitor or tour guide.

    Visitors can also enjoy the reception kiosk, gift shop, toilets and a living area with all the comfort to rest.


    Passeios com flutuação, em Bonito 

    Traveling to Bonito and not practicing flotation becomes a sin! This is one of the main tourist attractions of the city. And if you are wondering what it is like to practice floating , imagine yourself floating with your belly down and admiring all the beauty of the bottom of the region's rivers. Followup on the top floating activities in Bonito!

    Snorkeling in Rio Sucuri

    One of Bonito's must-see snorkeling tours takes place on the Rio Sucuri . The tour begins with a trail that ends at the source of the river. When arriving at the site, visitors receive a short training so that they can float on a nearly two-kilometer course. At the end of the activity, it is also possible to contemplate the meeting of Rio Sucuri with Rio Formoso.

    And what makes Rio Sucuri one of the best places to float? Simply because its waters are among the clearest in the world! During floating, it is possible to spot various species of fish and other underwater animals.



    Snorkeling in Barra do Sucuri

    Another famous float ride in Bonito takes place at Barra do Sucuri, which begins with a light two-hundred-meter walk to the Formoso River. On this tour, you also need to do some training, then climb a little more than one kilometer from the Sucuri River by boat and then practice the snorkeling.

    It is worth mentioning here the difference between the fluctuations in the Rio Sucuri and Barra do Sucuri: on the tour, visitors can contemplate its source, while in Barra, it is possible to admire the meeting of the Sucuri and Formoso rivers.

    It is an amazing and very relaxing experience. But if you want to know a little bit more and the differences between them, you're in the right place. Follow below:

    Snorkeling in Nascente Azul

    The calm water ride of the Nascente Azul begins with a 300-meter walk along a footpath accessible for people with reduced mobility. That is, the tour is ideal for all visitors!

    Passing the Bacuri forest, extremely rich in flora and fauna, visitors already come across a beautiful waterfall of limestone tufts, also known as Travertines, which has a waterfall that resembles the shape of a wedding veil, providing an extremely beautiful landscape to behold. In a few minutes, you can already see the equipment sector, where the guides provide the equipment used in the snorkeling.

    With all participants equipped, the tour follows a trail that runs one and a half kilometers along the Rio Bonito. As the place is very close to the Pantanal Sul Mato Grosso, with luck it is possible to see native species such as capuchin monkey and agouti.

    The penultimate stop before floating in the Blue Spring is in a deck adapted to the banks of Rio Bonito, where there is practical training, with instructions on the use of the equipment.

    After, the group goes to another deck, where it is possible to contemplate the source of the river and the natural “mirroring” phenomenon, which makes the waters reflect a shade of turquoise blue. Then just get in the water and admire all that the river has the most beautiful, such as shoals of fish and vibrant vegetation.

    In the floating tour of the Nascente Azul, it is also possible to practice, human pendulum and zipline!

    Flutuação no Aquário Natural

    In Aquário Natural of Bonito, it is also possible to practice flotation. In addition, the place is accessible for all ages and has calm and crystal clear waters, which facilitate the visibility of the natural beauties of the bottom of the Baía Bonita River. The beginning of the tour begins with an 800-meter trail through the riparian forest to the source of the river, where the scenery is breathtaking.

    The Aquarium is located in the Reserva Ecológica Baía Bonita , which also covers the River Baia Bonita, where it is also possible to practice flotation.

    Lagoa Misteriosa

    The Lagoa Misteriosa, located in the city of Jardim, has waters so crystal clear that visibility reaches over 40 meters. Here visitors can float and dive, and these attractions are popular with people from all over the world. It is a truly unique experience with nature.

    And the reason why the lagoon is so mysterious is that, at first glance, the place seems to be small and without great emotions. But as you enter it, you find waters with a rare and extremely vibrant crystalline blue tone. It's awesome!

    It is important to know that the Lagoa Misteriosa is normally closed for visitation during the months of October to April. This is due to the proliferation of algae, which makes it impossible to practice flotation and baptism diving.

    Good to know! 

    In Bonito, spring waters maintain an average temperature between 21 and 24 ° C throughout the year, even during winter. 

    Balneários de Bonito

    Nascente Azul Balneário

    No wonder the Nascente Azul is one of the most complete tours in Bonito! It includes in its structure the Nascente Azul Balneário . There, a lot of fun happens all day long, with attractions such as the little beach, the zipline, and the Aqualokko, a multi-adventure circuit with suspension bridges over the lake.

    The water is always crystal clear and clean, allowing the observation of various species of fish. In addition, the water is clean and suitable for bathing, ensuring complete contact with nature. The kids love it!

    Balneário do Sol

    The Balneário do Sol, in Bonito, offers a complete structure that includes a lot of fun for the children . And if you want to know an attraction that provides rest and new energies in the midst of nature, this is the attraction.

    This leisure area is located 10 kilometers from Bonito. There are different activities that make the time fly! You can snorkel in Rio Formoso , sunbathe, barbecue and, at the same time, admire the beauty of wildlife.

    As for the infrastructure of the attraction, it has:

    ✅ restaurant, bar and snack bar;

    ✅ toilets and changing rooms;

    ✅ kiosks and games room;

    ✅ sports courts and children's playground;

    ✅ and pool with running water.

    That is, moments to relax will not miss.

    How to get to Bonito

    An important factor in travel planning is choosing the best option to get to Bonito . The city has its own airport, but choosing it to reach the destination can cause some inconvenience. The reason for this is that flights arriving at Bonito Regional Airport depart only from Campinas and have higher prices.

    For those who do not live in Mato Grosso do Sul, the best alternative to get to Bonito is to travel by plane to Campo Grande and continue the journey with land vehicles. 

    Traveling by plane to Campo Grande

    Several travel companies offer daily flights to Campo Grande International Airport . And when you get to it, you can:

    🚙 rent a car from rental companies at the airport itself;

    🚙 take a bus to the city bus station and travel by bus to Bonito;

    🚙 use the microbus that depart from the airport to the destination. 


    Check below for more information on each of these options.

    From Campo Grande to Bonito by car

    The journey between Campo Grande and Bonito has a total of 300 kilometers, and the access roads are BR-060/419 and BR-262/419. 

    But why by car? Well, there are some reasons for choosing this mode of displacement. One of them is that when arriving in Bonito, those who rent a car or even go with their private vehicle, find the ease of moving between the rides and tour with more autonomy and comfort. 

    In addition, this choice may be more economical, as Bonito tours have very diverse starting points.

    Leaving by car from other capitals to Bonito

    Now, if you are leaving from another capital of Brazil, see below the average distance to Bonito:


    🗺  São Paulo/SP: 1,188 kilometers;

    🗺  Rio de Janeiro/RJ: 1.613 kilometers;

    🗺  Belo Horizonte/MG: 1.578 kilometers;

    🗺  Porto Velho/RO: 2.306 kilometers;

    🗺  Brasília/GO: 1.357 kilometers;

    🗺  Vitória/ES: 1.418,8 kilometers;

    🗺  Curitiba/PR: 1.177 kilometers;

    🗺  Cuiabá/MT: 851 kilometers;

    🗺  Florianópolis/SC: 1.418,6 kilometers;

    🗺  Porto Alegre/RS: 1.485 kilometers;

    🗺  Palmas/TO: 2.007,8 kilometers;

    🗺  Salvador/BA: 2.746 kilometers.

    Evaluate and put at the tip of the pencil if it is worth taking the car and go to Bonito, or travel by plane to Campo Grande and follow in another vehicle to the destination.

    From Campo Grande to Bonito by shared microbus

    Some shared vans leave from Campo Grande International Airport and take tourists to Bonito. But they have pre-set schedules, daily. So if this is your choice, be sure to organize your travel schedule very well. 

    For group travelers, this may be a good option as microbus can carry more people than a regular car. 

    Try to contact the agencies in advance to compare prices and choose the best departure time. And don't forget, if you choose to go to Bonito by microbus , keep in mind that the vehicle is shared with others.

    From Campo Grande to Bonito by bus

    Going to Bonito by bus is another alternative available for those arriving at Campo Grande. 

    Just go to the city bus station. However, what may weigh in this choice is the travel time, which lasts around five to six hours, with a stop of thirty minutes. 

    However, the route has several times available daily at the Bus Terminal Senador Antônio Mendes Canale. And the price of the ticket is between R$ 60,00 and R$ 80,00 (values ​​in 2019). 

    Best Places to Stay in Bonito

    In Bonito, you can choose to stay in hostels or hotels. And there are several interesting options that suit all tastes and pockets. See below for our highlights of places to stay in Bonito!

    Pousada Gira Sol

    Pousada Gira Sol is another charm of Bonito . There are a total of 34 apartments that offer all the structure and comfort to its guests, such as:

    ✔ fridge; 

    ✔ Cable TV; 

    ✔ air conditioning;

    ✔ box bed;

    ✔ Wi-Fi;

    ✔ and individual terraces. 

    The location is another highlight of Pousada Gira Sol, as it is located very close to the city center. And the service is personalized, with a comfortable and refined environment. In the outdoor structure, you can enjoy the flower gardens and the swimming pool.

    Breakfast is much praised by guests as it offers a gastronomic banquet early in the morning. Best of all, you can book tours at the same location, making it easier for you to travel!

    Pousada Recanto dos Pássaros

    Pousada Recanto dos Pássaros is a cozy place to stay in Bonito. The place successfully succeeds in uniting comfort and contact with nature. In addition, the inn has its own parking, tennis court, adult and children's pool, hammock and tasty breakfast. For those who go to Bonito and stay in this inn, tranquility and leisure are guaranteed!

    Hotel Pousada Calliandra

    Hotel Pousada Calliandra can combine simplicity, comfort, and ease of travel with the attractions of the central region of the city. And for those who don't want to spend a lot on accommodation and have a good place to rest, it also represents a great option. 

    Hotel Pirá Miúna

    Also located in the center of Bonito, Hotel Pirá Miúna offers easy travel to restaurants, shops and other attractions of the city. The structure has 41 fully equipped apartments, two of which are accessible to people with reduced mobility. In addition, the place has a large pool and barbecue, for your guests to have fun and enjoy it!

    Hotel Marruá

    The Hotel Marruá concept is to do everything it can to make its guests begin and end their days in Bonito with the utmost comfort. The personalized service has great dining options and leisure options in the midst of nature. 

    In addition, Hotel Marruá is just a 15-minute walk from Bonito center. Without a doubt, a magical hosting experience.

    Pousada Chamamé

    Pousada Chamamé offers a sophisticated and comfortable environment to its guests. The place is ideal for those who will meet Bonito with family, and want to have a cozy and quiet stay. Just 800 meters from the city center, Chamamé offers 21 luxury suites, all with air conditioning, Wi-Fi, TV, minibar, safe and a litter box.

    In the external infrastructure, there is a large green area with bar, kiosk with barbecue, wood-burning stove, swimming pool with cascade and wet bar.

    Hotel Bonsai

    Hotel Bonsai is located just two blocks from Bonito's downtown area and features 34 comfortable and well-equipped apartments. In the morning, a delicious breakfast of over 40 dishes is served.

    The outdoor area features 12,000 square meters of green space, including a heated adult pool and a children's pool, game tables, and massage space. And most striking about the Hotel Bonsai is that, within its facilities, there is a stream of crystal clear waters, surrounded by the riparian forest. That is, an ideal place for those seeking peace and tranquility.

    Hotel Araúna

    Located 900 meters from Bonito center, Hotel Araúna offers well-equipped apartments with air conditioning, Wi-Fi, minibar, telephone, TV, balcony with hammock and private parking. 

    The site has a total area of ​​4,000 square meters, with a swimming pool, barbecue, sand volleyball court, hammock and a small forest, which is designed by a stream of crystal clear water, offering even more tranquility for guests.

    At Hotel Araúna you can also count on wide tour assistance and a delicious breakfast served daily!

    Bonito's cuisine will sharpen your taste buds

    Visiting Bonito is to have at your disposal a wide gastronomic variety. The traditional cuisine of the region includes meat dishes, salads, fish and everything that involves the Pantanal tradition. Freshwater fish are almost always present in Bonito's typical dishes, such as Piraputanga, Pintado, and Traíra. In addition, you can try various broths, portions and special snacks of the region. 

    Bonito other distinctive dishes consist of alligator, veal, peccary, wild boar, capybara, and wild boar meats. And to cool off on warmer days, it is interesting to try the popsicles and ice cream made with typical fruits of the Brazilian cerrado, such as pequi and jaracatiá.

    So that you stay on top of the best places to enjoy the cuisine of Bonito , we have separated the 7 main restaurants in the city!

    1. Tapera Restaurante

    Tapera is one of Bonito's best-known restaurants. It has been operating for almost 40 years, and is located on the city's main street. The atmosphere is very pleasant and has a huge mango tree inside.

    At Tapera, you can find a variety of freshwater fish dishes, such as Pintado na Telha. In addition, several options serve two to three people at a great value.

    2. Restaurante Juanita

    The Juanita restaurant is located a little further from the city center, but the tasty dishes are worth the slightly longer walk.

    For lunch and in the evening, meals are à la carte, with famous dishes such as Pacu na Brasa and a delicious picanha na Pedra.

    3. O Rei do Jacaré

    As its name implies, at Rei do Jacaré restaurant you will find typical alligator meat dishes. But there are also dishes made with capybara, frog, wild boar and ostrich! No doubt it's a different dining experience at the very least.

    4. Casa do João

    Casa do João is one of Bonito's most sought places , both for lunch and dinner. The place offers a differentiated service and environment, and has a wide variety of dishes, such as pirarucu with ginger sauce and spine-free traíra, as well as delicious desserts.

    5. Pantanal Grill

    Pantanal Grill is a restaurant renowned for exploring all that Mato Grosso do Sul's regional cuisine has to offer. On-site broth, alligator meat, and piraputanga meat are served. Another strength of Pantanal Grill its prices, which guarantee a good price.

    6. O Casarão

    O Casarão is a restaurant that serves delicious dishes in a great location: right in the center of Bonito. The atmosphere is very pleasant and a daily buffet, a la carte dishes, and a tasty fish carvery is served there. Casarão's main dish is Pintado a Urucum na Telha with white rice and pirão. 

    7. Espeto Bonito 

    Espeto Bonito restaurant is another place well known for offering typical dishes of local cuisine. The establishment is located on one of the city's main avenues, serving alligator meat, vegan and vegetarian dishes, Almanara Salad with mozzarella cheese, and various types of kebabs. Be sure to meet him!

    Attractions to enjoy at night

    When enjoying the night in Bonito , tourists also have several options! Between historic walks and knowledgeable attractions, the city's nightly adventures are even more surprising for its receptivity and cultural diversity. 

    We highlight some of these adventures, below! 

    Casa da Memória Raída 

    At Casa da Memória Raída, you will immerse yourself in a world of stories and memories of Bonito. The site is a museum that presents a wealth of customs, culture, and legends of the region, and is right downtown.

    At Casa da Memoria Raída, you can also travel through the gastronomy of Bonito, with the opportunity to know several local products. The place is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 18h to 22h, and there is always a narrative of regional tales at 19h.

    Projeto Jiboia 

    Who knows Project Jiboia , participates in a true class of environmental education . The most important objective of this project is to promote, in a fun way, knowledge about the species of snakes characteristic of the region, to eliminate the negative idea of ​​these animals and to combat illegal hunting. 

    During the tour, visitors meet a variety of snake species, always with all the necessary safety, both for tourists and animals. The speakers who lead the attraction are irreverent professionals who understand the subject well. They constantly seek to make everyone aware of the importance of these animals to nature. 

    The Jiboia Project is an ideal trip to do alone or with the family and lasts about 2 hours. And you can enjoy it during your nights in Bonito!

    Quadriciclo Trilha Boiadeira 

    This night tour of the Boiadeira Trail covers 8 kilometers of forest and breathtaking obstacles! It can be performed on single or double quads. The minimum age to drive the vehicles is 16 years old and from six years on the back of the quad.

    For the safety of all participants, it is necessary to wear a helmet and undergo rapid training before starting the tour. 

    For those who enjoy adventure, our tip is to choose a rainy day to do this tour, because the trail is with accumulated mud and even more radical! In addition, the attractive offers bathrooms, parking and gift shop.

    Aquário de Bonito 

    A walk through artificial lakes and aquariums with the opportunity to interact with animals. This is exactly what Bonito Aquarium offers to its visitors. There are over sixty species of fish, including some rare, which are characteristic of the rivers of the Bonito region, Serra da Bodoquena and also the Pantanal. 

    In addition, the goal of promoting sustainability is also present on this night tour. The guides of the Bonito Aquarium management team are constantly raising awareness about the scarcity of natural resources and how this relates to the preservation of the region's aquatic life.

    Bonito Aquarium is open every day from 10 am to 10 pm. And on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, the fish feed at 20h.

    Cavalgada Noturna Recanto do Peão 

    Want to know the Pantanal culture? Then you will love the Cavalgada Recanto do Peão , which happens both during the day and at night. The tour starts in groups, which depart in entourages for a trip to the customs of country life.

    And soon after the ride, the typical Carretero rice begins to be prepared while a viola circle is formed. It is a magical moment to explore the traditionalism of country music of the state of Mato Grosso do Sul. 

    Casa do Vidro 

    Like all the attractions of Bonito, the Glass House is another sustainable project, which makes the reuse of almost 80% of the city's glass a varied world of crafts and utensils.

    For example, glass can become vases, cups, lamps and everything else that creativity can achieve. It is very worth knowing this project so important for the city of Bonito!

    Praça da Liberdade 

    Do not miss Liberdade Square, in the center of Bonito. Walking through it after a full day of sightseeing is a great opportunity to rest and relax, and contemplate the city's nightlife. And around the square, you will find several options of bars and dishes of the region to taste.


    Know when to visit Bonito

    Bonito is a favorable place to be visited throughout the year . But of course, there are some aspects to consider, such as the weather, the high and low season and the unique tastes of each visitor.

    To give you an idea, Bonito is located in a tropical climate area and has two well-defined seasons: one dry in winter and one humid in summer. 

    But it is good to know that river water temperatures remain constant throughout the year, between 21 ° C and 23 ° C. 

    Dry season

    The dry season in Bonito takes place between May and August, when winter occurs in the southern hemisphere . At this time, the rivers are with clearer waters, and the presence of fish is more abundant.

    And it is in this period, that occurs the sunburns, in addition to the sudden drop in temperature. During the day it is normal to get a little warm, and at night, what predominates is the cold, with lows temperatures around 15ºC.

    If you choose to meet Bonito in these months, you need to remember to bring cooler clothes for the day trips and warm clothing for the evening attractions. 

    Rainy season

    The rainy season in Bonito happens in the summer, between December and March. In this period, what prevails is the intense heat, with temperatures approaching 35ºC. 

    In the rainy season, it is possible to find the  waterfalls with more waters and the most vibrant and green forest. However, due to the Piracema phenomenon , the presence of fish in rivers becomes scarcer. In addition, the waters become less crystalline with a more turbid appearance.

    It is also important to know that during the rainy season, Bonito tours may be unexpectedly canceled. Another determining factor is mosquitoes. In summer, they are pushy and sometimes unwanted companies. 

    And for those who have already included a visit to the Blue Lake Cave in their Bonito itinerary, it is good to know that it is in the rainy season that the sun is at its peak, which makes the view of the lake even more beautiful and amazing.

    High and low season in Bonito

    Just like any other destination, Bonito has its high and low season periods . If this factor makes a difference, it is important to consider the date chosen for the trip.

    The months of school holidays and holidays are considered the high season , moments that you need to make reservations for hotels and tours in advance, so you do not risk missing a place. Examples are New Year's Eve and Carnival dates when it is necessary to plan well in advance because the city is always crowded. 

    In addition, major events such as the Bonito Winter Festival , which takes place in late July, are also considered high season periods. Especially in this event, the city is full of cultural and musical activities, representing a great time to visit the region. 

    Already the low season happens in periods that do not include holidays, holidays or major events in Bonito. This is the time to enjoy lower prices on tours and lodging.

    How many days to stay in Bonito?

    Visitors to the Bonito region will find many places to see and activities to do. There are dozens of sightseeing options and attractions that make it difficult to define how many days to stay in Bonito.  

    But for you to do different activities during your stay, it is best to spend around four to five days in the region, so that you can select an activity category for each day of your travel, whether alone, with family or friends.

    What do I need to pack?

    Depending on the time of travel to Bonito, it is important to pay attention to the items needed for packing. The caution is valid, so that nothing important is forgotten, or even take items in excess.

    For example, from April to June, the weather is getting colder, and the idea is to separate light clothes for the day and some warmer parts for the night. In the rainy season, it is necessary to bring appropriate clothes and shoes for wetter days, especially for walks that involve trails. 

    In addition, we have prepared a list of basic items for you to write down and carry in your suitcase for Bonito:


    👉 repellent and sunscreen ;

    👉 personal cleaning objects;

    👉 cap and glasses;

    👉 sneakers for water; 

    👉 normal and waterproof camera;

    👉 towels and bath clothing;

    👉 sneakers and trail shoes;

    👉 high socks;

    👉 raincoat;

    👉 light clothes;

    👉 backpack and waterproof bag.


    It is worth remembering that the use of sunscreen is not allowed before floating or diving in the rivers of Bonito. Therefore it is interesting to bring clothes with Uv filter.

    Regarding hygiene items, it is important to bring soap, moisturizer, shampoo and conditioner for dry hair. This care is important because Bonito water is brackish, which causes dryness of the skin and hair.

    And lastly, always take mineral water for the walks, as Bonito water has a high concentration of limestone and magnesium, which can cause unwanted side effects.

    Bonito with children 

    Family travel is great! But we know that special planning is needed for kids to have a lot of fun and to enjoy and relax in the midst of nature. 

    Therefore, we have separated some tips for ideal trips for those who want to travel to Bonito with the little ones. Look that!


    🐟 Barra do Sucuri;

    🐟 Aquário natural;

    🐟 Cachoeiras da Boca da Onça;

    🐟 Parque das Cachoeiras;

    🐟 Lagoa Misteriosa ;

    🐟 Estância Mimosa;

    🐟 Buraco das Araras.


    In addition, you need to follow some basic precautions for those traveling with children:


    ✅ In Bonito, the waters of rivers and waterfalls are kept at a temperature between 18 and 24 degrees Celsius, all year round. So rent neoprene clothes for the kids.

    ✅ In the downtown area, there are several markets and stores to buy water, snacks and other necessities. 

    ✅ The use of sunscreen and repellent on children is indispensable to avoid sunburns and allergies.

    ✅ Depending on when the trip will take place, you need to carry a heavier sweater so that the kids don't feel cold.

    ✅ In Bonito, there are several restaurants that offer children's menu options, just look for the nearest one.

    ✅ Renting a car can optimize travel time and keep children from getting tired very fast. In addition, this option provides more fun time on the attractions.

    Enjoy your stay in Bonito and know the Pantanal

    You may not know, but Bonito is very close to the Mato Grosso do Sul Pantanal . They are 130 kilometers that connect two of the most beautiful productions of nature. And extending the travel time is a good choice for those who like to know several places in one trip. 

    The Pantanal is the largest floodplain in the world . And in its wild waters, visitors have the opportunity to explore a true safari. The camera is an indispensable item because perfect frames will not miss.  

    Another reason to know the Pantanal is that, in all its extension, there are several species of animal and plant. But who reigns in those waters are the alligators . There are hundreds of them all the way. 

    Giant otters are also present and are a separate attraction. In addition, other animals found in the Pantanal South-Mato-Grosso are armadillos, anteaters, macaws, tuíiús and the magnificent jaguar. Between December and April, there is a flood when the landscape is more exuberant . And in the dry season, it's easier to spot the animals.

    Like the idea? So, know that the best way to enjoy the Pantanal South-Mato-Grosso is staying in farms spread throughout the region. There are several options, and all of them have the necessary structure to receive tourists. 

    On the farms, t he Pantanal spirit and traditional country food are constant presences. In addition, the establishments offer tours through the Pantanal , such as:


    ➡  fishing ;

    ➡  horseback riding ;

    ➡  photographic safari ;

    ➡  nocturnal contemplation of animals ;

    ➡  boat tour by the rivers and rushes ; 

    ➡  among many others!


    This dive in nature is facilitated by proximity, for those who are in Bonito. And the scenery .... a horizon full of life and colors awaits those who come across the idea of ​​knowing the Pantanal. 

    It is for these and many other reasons that it is worth knowing Bonito and the south-mato grosso Pantanal in the same trip. Stories and emotions will hardly be missing!

    With all this information, it is easier to organize and go to Bonito to have fun and be amazed by the beauties of the destination! And if you're already thinking about traveling there, we help you build your travel script in a very easy way .  

    Did you like the content? Many people you know may also love it! Share on your social networks.


    See you at Bonito!  🧡🐟