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Are you traveling to Bonito MS on holiday November 15? We have a special offer for your trip!

The Proclamation of the Republic holiday will be to enjoy four tours in the city that was elected the ecotourism capital in Brazil, 15 times!

Know each of the attractions:

Gruta do Lago Azul: Postcard of the region, the place can not be left out of your travel itinerary. The average time for the tour is one hour and forty minutes, and the first step is to receive the guidelines and safety equipment for a quiet stroll. The route is composed of about three hundred steps to the final destination. During the descent, the groups take small breaks to contemplate the environment.

The tour includes restrooms, bars, snack bars, and local craft shops.

Boca da Onça - Trails and Waterfalls: Prepared to get to know the largest waterfall in Mato Grosso do Sul - with 150m height, plus another 8 wonderful waterfalls? You will contemplate all this here, on the trip to Boca da Onça, and you can take advantage of several stops for bathing along the way. The activity includes a restaurant, souvenir shop, toilets adapted for wheelchair users, locker rooms, 2 swimming pools with running water, natural shower, hammock and a kiosk on the trail.

Rio Sucuri - Floating: The tour begins with a light trail of 400m in the forest, which will take you to the main deck where you begin to float through the clear waters of the Rio Sucuri - which has already entered several times in the list of the clearest water in the world. During the way, it is possible to observe the mainsprings and during the realization of the floating, the visitor will have the opportunity to see some fish, animals, and a lot of underwater vegetation. The end of the tour takes place at the meeting of the Rio Sucuri and Rio Formoso. Lovely!

Eco Park Porto da Ilha - boat trip: The park is a conservation unit, located near Bonito. The tour takes place in inflatable boats on the Rio Formoso and during the trip opportunity to relax and contemplate nature in all its exuberance. The site offers all the necessary infrastructure, instructions and accompaniment. After receiving the equipment and guidelines, visitors will be transported to the place where the boat tour starts. The course lasts 1h30 and each boat has a capacity of up to 12 people. The path goes through 3 waterfalls and 1 rapids and you can go prepared to be enchanted and adventurous. Visitors will always be accompanied and instructed by monitors.

The attractive Eco Park Porto da Ilha also offers changing rooms and a shop.

Lodging, transportation for tours and in/out can be purchased separately. Talk to our team.

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