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Spending January holidays in Bonito is the desire of many people looking for an ecotourism destination. In the place, you can find a lush nature and the most different types of programs. 

All this charm makes Bonito the perfect destination for those who want to know a region capable of offering adventures, contact with nature and a unique culture.

Despite this, many tourists often ask how to choose the best tours in Bonito to ride an unforgettable itinerary.

To help you, we have put together a custom package that can be used between January 1st and 31st, 2020. The itinerary covers the most varied activities, from zip lines and snorkeling to walks in parks and waterfalls.

Check out the list of attractions you can see in our package:

Cachoeiras da Serra da Bodoquena;
Nascente Azul - Balneário;
Gruta São Mateus;
Eco Park;
Snorkeling no Rio Sucuri,
Parque ecológico.

Find out more about each of these attractions below.

Cachoeiras da Serra da Bodoquena: One of the tours you can not miss on your trip to Bonito -MS. Located in a nearby town, the tour begins with a trail full of natural scenery, waterfalls and several swimming stops in natural pools. After the trail, tourists can enjoy the local spa with zip line, kiosk, lounge chair, sand volleyball court and swimming pools. It will be a whole day immersed in an environment full of beauty.

The tour of Cachoeira Serra da Bodoquena offers: lunch on the farm with homemade food typical of the region. 

The tour in the Nascente Azul Balneário is undoubtedly one of the must not miss in the visit to Bonito. On site you can enjoy various activities, ranging from a visit to the Balneário waterfall to radical activities such as zip lines and tightrope. All this makes the place an amazing opportunity for a visit.

The Nascente Azul is 29 kilometers from Bonito and is a great choice for those who love water attractions and unforgettable adventures. Tourists will find a unique diversity of plants and fish that make up the scenery and make it a true natural paradise for ecotourism. And to enjoy the whole ride, a tip is to bring towels, swimwear, sunscreen, camera and also cash / card for extra expense.

The Gruta de São Mateus is located on a farm 4 km from the city of Bonito - MS, where there is also a museum that tells the history of the place. The cave tour allows the contemplation inside a cave, geological formations carved over thousands of years . The activity begins with instructions from the tour guide and then follows a suspended trail, following a walk of about 280 meters to the entrance of the cavity.

The Gruta de São Mateus has differents entrance and exit, so that tourist does not have to redo the route to leave the cave. The tour is safe and always accompanied by a guide. The cave has 60 steps with artificial lighting, but the visitor receives flashlight to assist. After contemplation, the participants return to the reception of the activity. 

A park is a conservation unit, located near Bonito. The tour takes place in inflatable boats on the Rio Formoso and during the trip opportunity to relax and contemplate nature in all its exuberance. The site offers all the necessary infrastructure, instructions, and accompaniment. After receiving the equipment and guidelines, visitors will be transported to the place where the boat tour starts. The course lasts 1h30 and each boat has a capacity of up to 12 people. The path goes through 3 waterfalls and 1 rapid and you can go prepared to be enchanted and adventurous. Visitors will always be accompanied and instructed by monitors.

The tour begins with a light trail of 400m in the forest, which will take you to the main deck where you begin to float through the clear waters of the Rio Sucuri - which has already entered several times in the list of the clearest water in the world. During the way, it is possible to observe the mainsprings and during the realization of the floating, the visitor will have the opportunity to see some fish, animals, and a lot of underwater vegetation. The end of the tour takes place at the meeting of the Rio Sucuri and Rio Formoso. Lovely!


About 7 km from the center of Bonito MS, the Parque Ecológico trail provides a complete route to know the waters of the Rio Formoso.  The first stop is on the Paraíso deck, where you can enjoy the first bath of the activity. Afterward, participants go to the Meia Lua deck, where you can enjoy more areas for swimming, trampoline and also zip lines. Continuing, the group will go through the Prainha, Caráceas and Boia Cross Decks. To finish the Parque Ecológico do Rio Formoso Trail, the participants pass by Morro da Piúva, getting to know a little more about the Serra da Bodoquena and some tree species from the Mato Grosso do Sul region.  It is important to note that when buying this tour, the participant has access to the lagoon and all its attractions (kayaking, stand up, etc.), allowing to spend the day in the park.

Our special package tours for January are fun for both family and holidaymakers who are going on holiday to Bonito with friends.

So if you are looking for a destination with diverse possibilities in a true natural paradise, Bonito is the perfect place for you!

But it is important to remember that the package does not include transportation from Campo Grande to Bonito and commuting from the hotel for tours. However, if you want you can ask us to add these services to your package! Enjoy the summer of Bonito / MS in January and enjoy all the possibilities of this ecotourism paradise.



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