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R$ 625,00
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The best part of winter are the vacations, the time to enjoy family and discover new things with a trip.

Enjoy the july holidays and get ready to live unforgettable experiences with your family. Bonito will stimulate the explorer boy and the curiosity in the child, with lots of fun, contact with nature and stories. Lots of adventure, fun and environmental awareness.

Traveling to an ecotourism destination with kids will bring it all! Enjoy the special conditions of payment and help up to 8 years are free at the entrance of the attractions of this travel package:

A day in the Serra da Bodoquena

With lunch included Visiting Serra da Bodoquena is one of the attractions of the package that will guarantee an unforgettable experience, the place has a complete infrastructure for visitors to have almost full-time activities. The tour has a trail surrounded by fascinating mountains, waterfalls and animals.

After the trail tourists can take advantage of the spa of the place, with zipline, kiosk (bar), chair for rest, sand volleyball court, swimming pools and hammocks for rest.


Tour Balneário do Sol

Balneário do Sol is a leisure area with different activities, among them to dive freely in Rio Formoso, to sunbathe and to do all the activities available in the infrastructure of the place, to observe some wild animals and to take pictures with them.

Children can play at ease in the games room, sports courts, children's playground and pool with running water.


Tour Gruta São Mateus

The walk in the Gruta São Mateus is a time where children will have a deep contact with the stories of Bonito. Visitors at the beginning of the tour contemplate the region's forest during the trail and once inside the cave they see the unique caving formations of that Grotto.

In the lobby, the Kadiwéu museum holds old objects donated by locals, ranging from cars from the 1970s to many objects that tell the story of Bonito.


Aquário Natural

Floating The coolest surprise is in the contact that children will have with the underwater life. Floating in Bonito is like eating cake at a birthday party, you have to have it!

The Aquário Natural provides inspiring moments for the family and after the 800m of floating the whole family can enjoy a zipline in Rio Formoso. During the course there will be various species of fish and underwater plants that form large gardens, visitors will have a support boat for the safety of the small ones and the transparency of the water provides a movie landscape.


** Children up to 8 years old pay only R $ 12.70 for the guide's accompaniment.

Children aged 9 to 11 pay R $ 127 for this combo of attractions.


The station is great for enjoying the city, the weather and lots of nature. Forget the cold! The water temperature in the springs is maintained between 21 ° C and 24 ° C, and neoprene clothing helps keep the body warm. This promotion is valid for travel in July 2019. Limited vacancies.

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