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Are you looking for a travel package for the Corpus Christi holiday? This promotion of tours to Bonito, offers you much more than you think. This is a complete tour package of fun, adventure and unforgettable experiences. Believe, you will not miss good stories and unparalleled moments on your Corpus Christi holiday in Bonito. This travel package offers the best tours of the region: Nascente Azul, Gruta São Mateus and Serra da Bodoquena Waterfalls. In addition, it is already included the transportation for the tours and the transportation from the airport of Campo Grande to Bonito.

Nascente Azul - Flutuação + Aqualoko

The crystalline waters of the rivers and springs are the major attractions of the Bonito MS region. By taking advantage of this May 1 holiday package, you will experience the unique experience of floating on the Nascente Azul.

The clear waters and colorful fish are characteristic of this tour held at the headwaters of the Rio Bonito. A 1.500m contemplative path through the Bacuri Forest will take you to this paradise. And it's not over, no! You'll still enjoy the entire structure of Aqualoko, in the Blue Spring Resort, which includes activities such as: zipline, tightrope and more.


Gruta São Mateus

The Matthew Grotto is located 3.6 km from Bonito - MS and offers a contemplation walk inside a cave. Before beginning the tour in the cave, the visitors pass by the receptive where they receive some instructions from the guide.

The place is inside the museum building and the participants can appreciate all the structure and history that the place has. Soon after, they start a suspended trail, 5 m high and 15 m long. Then there is a 280 m walk in the woods leading to the entrance to the cave, and it is at this moment that the visitation inside the cavern begins.

The cave has 60 steps and is all lit artificially. During the route of 600 m, the visitor can contemplate the speleological formations such as stalactites, stalagmites, columns and choriorids. Always accompanied by a guide that will show and explain the formations and phenomena that occur in the environment.

Cachoeiras Serra da Bodoquena

Trails, waterfalls and, to recover the energies, lunch included. With up to 6 stops for bathing, the walk in the Serra da Bodoquena starts with a 2,500m course through the forest (light trail) and passes by lovely waterfalls and natural pools.

The attraction has extensive grassy area, zip line, kiosks and all the necessary structure for your comfort and safety. Included typical lunch spot.

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