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Bonito / MS is the ideal destination for those looking to enjoy a different Carnival. It is the chance to get out of the rush, exchanging the blocks, micarets and electric trios for the quiet of nature and the animals. 

Voted several times as the best ecotourism destination in Brazil, the city of Bonito / MS offers attractions for all ages and profiles. For example, during Carnival, many people travel alone to connect with themselves or to form new friendships. 

In Bonito / MS making new friends is even easier since - due to environmental requirements - the tours have visitor control, which makes many programs done in groups. 

Moreover, the relaxed atmosphere of many rides owes nothing to the fun of Carnival in the cities. In Bonito / MS you can do tubing, snorkeling, zip line, long and short trails, walk, bike or even quad. You can also visit curious geological formations such as caves that attract thousands of tourists a year.

Whatever your profile, you will surely find a lot of fun in this special script that we created for you to enjoy Carnival in Bonito / MS. Check out:

Cachoeiras da Serra da Bodoquena: One of the tours that can not miss on your trip to Bonito - MS. Located in a nearby town, the walk in the Park begins with a trail full of incredible and unforgettable scenery, passing waterfalls and several stops for swimming in natural pools. The available bathing area is all grassy and the park also has kiosks and seating for rest. It will be a full day immersed in an environment full of beauties.

The attractive Cachoeiras da Serra da Bodoquena offers: lunch on the farm with homemade food typical of the region.

Gruta de São Mateus: The walk in the Gruta São Mateus is a time where children will have a deep contact with the stories of Bonito. Visitors at the beginning of the tour contemplate the region's forest during the trail and once inside the cave they see the unique caving formations of that Grotto.

In the lobby, the Kadiwéu museum holds old objects donated by locals, ranging from cars from the 1970s to many objects that tell the story of Bonito.

Parque Ecológico do Rio Formoso - Trilha: About 7 km from the center of Bonito MS, the Parque Ecológico trail provides a complete route to know the waters of the Rio Formoso.  The first stop is on the Paraíso deck, where you can enjoy the first bath of the activity.

Afterward, participants go to the Meia Lua deck, where you can enjoy more areas for swimming, trampoline and also zip lines. Continuing, the group will go through the Prainha, Caráceas and Boia Cross Decks. To finish the Parque Ecológico do Rio Formoso Trail, the participants pass by Morro da Piúva, getting to know a little more about the Serra da Bodoquena and some tree species from the Mato Grosso do Sul region. 

It is important to note that when buying this tour, the participant has access to the lagoon and all its attractions (kayaking, stand up, etc.), allowing to spend the day in the park.

Parque Ecológico do Rio Formoso - Boia Cross: Could not be left out of this package the cherry of the cake: adventure! And this is precisely the proposal of the Parque Ecológico Rio Formoso, which besides the boia cross tour also offers: stand up paddle, kayak, zip-lining, and lake.

The descent of the river passes through 8 rapids during a 1,200m, always accompanied by a specialized monitor. Guaranteed fun!

Aquário Natural: The name perfectly describes what visitors will find on-site, a spring so crystal clear it looks like a giant aquarium.

The tour begins with a trail, with different landscapes, that leads to the point where the float begins. The activity, which can be done by the whole family, has a course of approximately 800 meters. Visitors can expect the gracious company of shoals and swim through the underwater vegetation.

Everything is thought out and made for visitors to enjoy 100% of what this beautiful natural setting offers. If someone gets tired or prefers to accompany the tour out of the water, a boat that accompanies the group will always be available.

Pousada Gira Sol: Pousada Gira Sol is close to the main shops and restaurants. This way, you can enjoy the tranquility of the place and also be approximately 200 meters from the center. An important part of any lodging is breakfast. At Gira Sol, this meal is prepared with fresh ingredients by the inn itself.
Not to mention the excellence of the service, with reception and agents of Bonitour Viagens e Turismo available 24 hours.


These are the attractions we have set apart for you to have so much fun in Bonito / MS at Carnival. If you need any custom script, be sure to check out the Roteiro Fácil.

If you have any questions, we will be ready to answer you via chat, Whatsapp and email. Send a message and we will take care of answering you carefully. Because traveling to Bonito / MS is much more than a moment of rest or fun: it is a life experience. 

See you at this year's Carnival in Bonito / MS







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